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Summary: We see the power of encouraging words when we encourage one another. Words of encouragement get better results than nagging. Be sure to encourage one another daily. Be an encouraging person, someone who encourages others, not someone who tears them down. Encourage others daily instead of criticizing, condemning, or complaining.

Summary: Be an encourager, someone who encourages, not someone who tears down.




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Enthusiast is a full-featured member listing collective management script. It is geared towards fanlisting owners who own multiple fanlistings, but easily customizable for other types of listings as well–cliques, physical listings, taboo listings, and the like.


Earlier versions are meant for standalone/single fanlistings, but Enthusiast now has grown into a bigger project, encompassing management of multiple listings using one administrative panel as well as maintenance of a site that lists all these listings in a directory format (i.e., a collective).

Please feel free to browse this section and know more about the script. External links are also shown on the section navigation.

Enthusiast 3

Enthusiast 3 (Enth3) is a full-featured, linkware multiple listing management system. It allows an administrator the ability to manage multiple member listings via a single administration interface as well as manage a central website directory of these listings. From listing creation to the templates used for the public pages of the listing site, Enthusiast 3 allows list owners to focus on what’s important: adding more value-added content as opposed to getting hung up on managing member lists.

Enthusiast 2

Enthusiast 2 (Enth2) is a standalone listing management system that was the precursor of Enth3, allowing the administrator to manage one fanlisting through an administrator panel, allowing management of members and affiliates and easy customization of the forms and lists. While development and active support for Enthusiast 2 has stopped, it continues to be placed here available for download mostly for archival purposes.

January 24th, 2007 at 12:43 pm

I love Enthusiast! I use it for all my FLs, so much easier to use than Fanbase. Thanks again! :-)

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Too bad I don’t know MySQL, so I can’t use Enthusiast. I can tell that it’s nice, though. The password feature is cool, because it’s secure.

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With the help of my host, the lovely Shannon, I’m converting my fanlistings to Enthusiast. I don’t know why I didn’t do this much, much, MUCH sooner. It’s a wonderful little script, and I could have used this back when I owned the Happy Bunny fanlisting and sometimes had to approve over 100 members one-by-one. So yes, I’m a total fan of this script now!

June 6th, 2007 at 1:31 pm

Enth3 is totally awesome. Easy to use, visually appealing and secure as well. Keep up the good work!


13 years


UPDATED SUBMISSION GUIDELINES (June 2018): Please note Taylor Martindale Kean is open to all submissions! Stefanie is only open to Illustrator submissions. Adriana and Lilly are currently closed to submissions, with the exception of requested conference and contest submissions. Please submit via Submissions Form below. Thank you!

UPDATED SUBMISSION GUIDELINES (June 2018): Please note Taylor Martindale Kean is open to all submissions! Stefanie is only open to Illustrator submissions. Adriana and Lilly are currently closed to submissions, with the exception of requested conference and contest submissions. Please submit via Submissions Form below. Thank you!

Full Circle Literary is now accepting submissions only through the Submissions Form below. If you are referring to submissions information on a website or guidebook, please note our latest updated information is always available on our website. Submissions sent to any email address will not be opened. No phone queries please. Mailed submissions will be recycled unopened.

STEP 1: Please read the Burnetie Shamar High Top SneakerWomens Blue Textile View For Sale Countdown Package Sale Online Popular Sale Online 2Derl
pages on our website and determine the Full Circle Literary agent that is the best fit for your work. Please submit to only one agent.

STEP 1: Our Agents

STEP 2 : Please complete the Submissions Form below. Select “Attention to” to send your query to the one agent that is the best fit for your work. Then, fill in the other fields, please include sample writing as follows:


Fiction : the first TEN PAGES of your manuscript


Nonfiction : Nonfiction Book Proposal including overview, comparative books, author bio and one sample chapter.


Picture books : the complete picture book manuscript text (1000 words or less). Please note that rhyming picture book manuscripts are not a fit for our agency, instead we prefer gorgeous prose and books that have great read-aloud appeal.

Picture books

Illustrators : an introduction about you and your work, along with a link to your Portfolio or website (no attachments please).


STEP 3 : After selecting the Submit button at the end of the form, a confirmation will appear to confirm your submission was received.



Due to the high volume of submissions, please keep in mind we are no longer able to personally respond to every submission. However, we read every submission with care and often share for a second read within the office. If we are interested, we will contact you by email to request additional materials (such as a complete manuscript or additional manuscripts).

As of December 31, 2014, I retired from full-time teaching in Humboldt State University's Department of History . While this website will remain online, it is no longer maintained.

History 110 - Dr. Gayle Olson-Raymer The Original Inhabitants - What They Lost and What They Retained

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Today we begin the second chapter in our story about American history. Our first chapter helped us understand more about the Europeans who immigrated to North America in the 1600s - people who generally chose to leave or who were no longer wanted in Europe, especially in England, because of religious, political, and/or economic reasons. Our second chapter will help us understand the people with whom the Europeans came into contact when they arrived at their colonial destinations - the North American Indian Nations.

1. To revise our attitudes about American Indians by debunking several myths:

1. Land Bridge Migration : The first American Indians came from Asia to North America between 11-12,000 years ago via a land bridge over the Bering Straits. They made their way through what is now Alaska and then followed an ice-free highway down the continent. Their culture has been named Clovis for their distinctive weapons that have been found in digs nationwide.

Reality: From a strictly scientific viewpoint, we do not know how ancient human remains might be related to contemporary Indian peoples, nor do we know from whence they came. Today, at least three opposing viewpoints exist - the Bering Strait migration theory, the multiple migration theory, and the indigenous origin belief.

Bering Strait Theory Multiple Migrations Theory Indigenous Origin

So, what are the facts? There are two distinct viewpoints, one from the academic community and one from the Indian community.

So, what are the facts? Academic Community: In the summer of 1977 Monte Verde, Chile. In July 1996 Kennewick a nine-year legal clash In late 1998 Channel Islands In late 1999, Solutreans American Indian Community

So what does this mean? Today’s scientific community cannot say with any certainty who the first settlers in North America were - or how they got here. It also means that in all probability, multiple migrations occurred. And finally, it means that the discussion about the first peoples in America will continue to be both complicated and contentious.

discussion about the first peoples

2. " New World" Myth: When the early explorers landed in North America, they discovered a sparsely populated "New World."








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